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Coaching with Clarity and Kindness

Hi! I'm Virginia!

Friend, mentor, coach, archer - I respond to a lot of titles but it all comes down to this: I love archery and helping people just like you to get started in this amazing Olympic sport.

I am a National Training System Level 3 USA Archery certified coach with over 15 years of experience. I have coached over 15,000 students to date of all different ages, genders, backgrounds, and physical abilities. I welcome everyone to the joy of learning from the time-strained Hollywood A-lister to the avid child who is obsessed with history. My love of archery has lead me to explore Olympic recurve, compound, barebow / traditional, mounted archery, and other archery disciplines while inspiring me to share it with others.


I am known for making explanations simple, learning memorable, progress possible, and tailored to each student.... all while staying safe and helping you to become a self-reliant, independent, confident, capable, archer. You can expect to learn the "why" and not just the "what" of everything that we do so that you can feel confident in your learning and both the time and money that you spend on your lessons. I adore teaching families and welcome ages 3+ with direct, parental, presence and supervision. Friend groups, super senior citizens, aspiring hunters, and adventure date days are also welcome!

I am based in Ventura County, California where I coach at a small, private, range that is closed to the public in Simi Valley. I know that gear can be overwhelming when you first start out so I have a large assortment of recurve and compound bows for my students to use. Overall, by having my own training area with gear, I'm able to help students to focus on learning without all the chaos, unsolicited "helpful" advice from strangers, long waiting times between shooting rounds, and other distractions that frustrate many people at larger, public, ranges.

If you're ready to learn in a positive and empowering environment then I'm here to help! Start by scheduling your first intro lesson online with me today - I can't wait to help you to discover the fun of shooting!

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"We Miss 100% of the Shots We Don't Take."

Wayne Gretzky

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