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A National After School Archery Program Target by Rhinehart

No Mess Archery Target Rental

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Everyone who knows anything about archery hates haybales. They are heavy, require multiple people to lift, attract rats, make a mess with pieces of dead grass or straw everywhere, and mold. So skip the hay and make your team's life MUCH easier with these clean, easy to lift, target rentals. 


Price is per freestanding, all weather, reusable, compressed foam, target rental. This NASP (National After School Archery Program) style target is a mess-free option for on set, school, or camp work. Targets are used and show standard archery arrow wear patterns such as holes when rented. The printed rings have a maximum 80 cm diameter. They each weigh around 35 pounds and can fit in to a standard SUV.


Targets can handle up to a 30 lb. max bow draw weight - do NOT use a crossbow, broadheads, or hunting bow on this target. These targets are sturdy but light enough that an average sized teenager or adult can carry one target by themselves.


These targets are designed to stand by themselves directly on the ground. The ground position helps new or inexperienced shooters on sets or at camps to "think low / aim low" and avoid shooting off target.


You are responsible for picking up the rental and returning it to us in Simi Valley, CA. Address provided upon rental.



1 week e.g. 7 calendar days


Pickups and returns need to be coordinated at the time of your rental. A member of our staff will reach out to coordinate with you. Please note that we're not Uber. We don't work all the time. Plan ahead before renting to ensure that you know when you are picking up equipment so that it will be ready and available for you. Equipment pickups / returns are normally available Monday through Friday between 9AM and 12PM PST.


The total cost of replacing this piece of equipment (insurable value) is $550 USD. If any portions are returned missing pieces, modified, showing nonstandard wear, used for broadhead arrows, or not returned then you will be billed.


If you are working on a film set we require a $1M Certificate of Insurance Additionally Insured certificate in the event of equipment loss, damage, or destruction.

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