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Archery Shooting Protection Gear

Archery Shooting Protection Gear

Each item in this bundle ensures that the archer is protected from injuries on their arms or hands as well as helps the archer maintain accuracy and minimizes deflections in shots. 


You are responsible for picking up the rental and returning it to us in Simi Valley, CA. Address provided upon rental.


This archery equipment rental package includes: 

(1) Finger tabs are small leather or synthetic patch that protects an archer's fingers from the bowstring. 

(1) Arm guard or bracer is a strap that covers the inside surface of the archers bow-holding arm.

(1) Chest guard protects and ensures that the archers cloths do not touch or deflect the bowstring while shooting. 


We have both right and left eye dominant finger tabs, arm guards and chest guard are available. Please be sure to select the type that you need as they are not ambidexterous.

A RIGHT eye dominant bow is held on the wooden riser with the left hand and the string is pulled back with the right hand.
A LEFT eye dominant bow is held on the wooden riser with the right hand and the string is pulled back with the left hand.
If you need help figuring out your dominant eye then please visit .


Pickups and returns need to be coordinated at the time of your rental. A member of our staff will reach out to coordinate with you. Please note that we're not Uber. We don't work all the time. Plan ahead before renting to ensure that you know when you are picking up equipment so that it will be ready and available for you. Equipment pickups / returns are normally available Monday through Friday between 9AM and 12PM PST.


The total cost of replacing this set of equipment (insurable value) is $50 USD. If any portions are returned damaged, broken, or modified or not returned then you will be billed.



1 week e.g. 7 calendar days

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